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Maltese Size information
The Maltese is a small toy breed...a lap dog...When properly bred most Maltese will be 7lbs or less when full grown. For comparison sake, for example, a 4 to 7lb Maltese would be smaller than most common house cats. They are a very small breed, appropriate for people with small living accommodations, such as apartments or condos. They make excellent traveling companions as they can easily fit into a sherpa bag and go on board most aircraft which will allow pets on board. They make great companions for people who are drawn to the Maltese breed, because of their beauty and wonderfully sweet animated personality...For it's small size the Maltese has great strength and amazing energy. The breed is very playful and inquisitive...but just as happy to sit by your side for hours snuggling and watching television.

The Maltese can adapt to many different lifestyles and types of homes...from the quiet and relaxed retired couple... to the active, outdoors, on-the-go type. They are a great pet for single people as well as for couples and families with older children. The Maltese will enjoy the company and attention of a very careful, mature, well-behaved child. Because of their small size however, we do not feel that the Maltese is an appropriate breed for homes with children under 8 years of age due to the high risk of accidental injury to the puppy. Maltese are a very friendly breed. When properly introduced and carefully supervised they will usually enjoy the company of and can coexist with many other breeds of dogs as well as cats.

*Occasionally we may have especially small puppies which will mature to 3 to 5lbs. We are VERY cautious and selective of the homes in which we place our tiniest puppies. These puppies can be very delicate and require a home that will provide the type of special care and supervision necessary to insure their safety and well-being. We do not place our tiniest puppies into homes with children under the age of 12 years old.

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